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How I Turned My Mirror Into a Self Love Advocate

For much of my life, mirrors have been a way to tear myself down. When I walked by a reflective building on

Is Instagram is Hurting Your Workouts?

Your eyes flicker open in the morning. You reach over to the bed stand and grab your phone. Within minutes you’re scrolling

The Health Myths You STILL Believe Are True

Every week there’s a new fitness trend, a new health no-no, and new health myths touted as being true. The point being

Prehab: Foundational Exercises to Add to Your Routine

Guest Post By Erica Bell, CSCS and FNS When we hear “rehab” in the fitness world, we often think of physical therapy

Gym Equipment You Never Use But Should (With Examples)

If you go to the gym and wander for a good portion of the time you’re there, it’s time to start using some

10 “Little White Lies” That Convince You to Go to the Gym

More often than not getting yourself to workout or go to the gym is a mental game. Your body is ready and willing

10 Tried and True Running Tips for Beginner Runners

If you’re new to running, you probably finish every run thinking: Is this going to get any easier? That defeated feeling is

10 Ways to Turn Your Health Goals Into Lifelong Habits

Guest post from Paige Johnson, LearnFit.org. Most of us aspire to live the healthiest life we can, but it doesn’t always seem possible

10 Super Easy Ways I Practice Self Love Every Day

I talk a lot about self love on this blog because it’s important to me. As an active member of social media

15 Ways to Break Out of Your Fitness Rut

You aren’t excited about your workouts; you feel run-down after every training session; the gym is starting to feel more like a