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Meet Your Trainer Jessica Thiefels

My goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals and feel amazing, while staying true to your authentic self. Instead of putting your energy into looking like someone else—and being disappointed when you don’t—you’ll focus on becoming the best version of you. Get stronger while learning to love what your body can do.

My Certifications

I have a Personal Trainer certification from the American Council
on Exercise and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification through the
National Academy of Sports Medicine.


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“Jess really exceeded my expectations. As someone with asthma I have always struggled to find a trainer who really understands my limitations but is still able to push me towards my goals.”

Amanda DiSilvestro

“Jess’ circuits are intense calorie burners, but she knows how to gauge people and how to mix things up. She also knows when to push and when to give credit for a good set.”

Dan Greco

“I love Jess! I have been training with her for the past month and I couldn’t be happier. She changes the workouts each week to keep things interesting and I always leave feeling stronger and healthier!”

Brianne Noonan

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